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German Dressage Studies in Schäpe near Berlin

Located at the end of the picturesque village "Schäpe"   between   pine  and  oak trees lays the Rosencarree. A state of the art riding facility, that reflects in every little detail the owner’s passion and love for creating the perfect atmosphere for the horses as well as for the people.

The design of the facility melts right into the local country style. The brick buildings look like they always belonged there. The bricks, which have been used to build the barns, indoor arena and houses, are almost a hundred years old and each of them has its own story to tell. They have been collected from the entire area of “Fläming” which is the name of the region south west of Berlin. Behind the entrance little allies built of old granite and lime stone lead through the barns and the entire facility.

Rosencarree Rosencarree Rosencarree
Rosencarree Rosencarree Rosenhof

The name "Rosencarree" describes already the shape of the facility: it means "square of roses". The horses look from their stalls to the yard in the middle of the facility, which has the look and charm of an old farm garden. Roses of all kinds and shapes, bushes, paddocks and pastures as far as the eye can see. There is nothing like spending a nice warm summer evening after a good ride on one of the benches surrounded by horses and the smell of the blooming roses.

A little paradise for the round hundred riding horses, breed mares, foals, youngsters and also retired horses.

The facility offers:

  • stalls, a 20x60m outdoor and indoor arena,
  • grooming areas,
  • wash racks,
  • tack rooms and a beautifully designed lounge.

The number of paddocks and pastures seems to be endless, so that each horse can enjoy every day to be outside.

Over all the Rosenhof creates the ideal environment for intense Dressage training and learning. The atmosphere is friendly, hospital, relaxed but focused.

German Dressage Studies in Schäpe bei Berlin