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The facility of the Rosencarre  is located in the heart of the National Park "Nuthe-Nieglitz Valley" in the village of "Schäpe", beautifully nestling between forests, pastures and fields, on which the most popular white asparagus of Germany grows. The season for the white asparagus starts in April in finishes in June. During this time a lot of people from Berlin visit the village and enjoy the charming atmosphere and the asparagus specialties.

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Nearby the village of Schäpe, right on the doorstep of Berlin and Potsdam, there is a fantastic landscape of several lakes, which invite to a lot of activities.
It is only a 20 min drive to Potsdam and just 10 min longer to the vibrant heart of the German capital Berlin.

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The historical and cultural sights of Potsdam and Berlin are unique. Both cities are close to each other and the number of castles, museums and breathtaking historical buildings seems to be endless. Most of these buildings are well maintained or carefully restored, so that they preserved their original charm.
The famous and beautifully restored city of Dresden is only one and an half hours away.  The visit of this culturally and historically rich city is a very worthwhile option for a weekend day trip.

German Dressage Studies in Schäpe bei Berlin